- Dining Room
- Porch / Foundation
- Living Room
- Guest Room
- Master Bedroom
- Deck and Patio

Things I have
found helpful:

Trim/Molding Dimensions
Some information I hope will be helpful to others embarking on a historic remodel.

I was contacted by someone who had "recently bought a 1928 craftsman high water bungalow in Sacramento, California. Pretty much the only original character left inside the house is the coved ceilings. All the trim has been ripped out and replaced by previous owners who didn't care about the history or character of the home." They asked for the dimensions of my trim/moldings to help them as they tried to recreate it in their bungalow.

Well, I can definitely relate. I was fortunate in that there were two windows in my bungalow that still had the original trim/moldings. I did make one change when recreating everything—I increased the thickness of the stool to 1 1/4" from the 1" original—I felt the extra thickness gave it a more balanced look in relation to the whole. To get the thickness of the header—I purchase 5/4 stock from a local specialty lumber yard and then mill it down.