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Master Bedroom
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Master Bedroom

The main bedroom was the first interior project I tackled on my house. The first winter I had the bed against the exterior wall, which was solid brick with a skim coat of plaster. With the warm air in the house condensing against the cold wall, there ended up being mold on the wall where the bed touched it. That led me to putting sheet foam insulation against the wall to create a thermal break which also kept the winter cold radiating into the house through the brick walls.

Latest Project Progress

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02 February 2013 — Updated pics
It's been a while, so I decided to take a current pic of the bedroom. Instead of having the bed against the West wall, I moved it against the North wall, under the window. It's a much better use of the space and the room feels bigger. I bought Hemnes nightstands and the Nordli bed frame from Ikea that allowed me to lose the bedskirt.

Chronological Progress

XX November 2001
Insulation in the rafters, exterior wall firred-out and insulated. Ready to pull down the remaining lath and plaster and start on the new closet.

29 November 2001
Lath and plaster stripped off the walls and sheetrock on the ceiling. New outlets wired and the new closet framed-in.

29 November 2001
4-mil vapor barrier on the exterior wall. Insulation on the bathroom wall—I hope it will deaden the sound of the shower in the morning!

30 November 2001
Starting to hang the sheetrock. Man, that stuff is heavy when you are lifting it all by yourself!

01 December 2001
Sheetrock coming along, making some BIG progress—FINALLY!

12 February 2002
I've been too busy with work and other things and just haven't had time to spend working on this room. With the free time I've had to spare, I have been trying to finish hanging the sheetrock—mud and tape soon!

26 June 2002
More delays, and it took forever to find a reliable guy to mud and tape! All joints filled and skim-coated, time to prime all the walls.

06 July 2002
New sub-floor down, all the walls primed and the ceiling has final coat of paint. Still trying to decide what color to paint the walls—suggestions?

28 July 2002
There were only three windows in the house that still had the original interior window trim. I rebuilt/recreated all of the trim, but I made the stool a little bit thicker than the original. Views of the bedroom window trim in progress.

21 September 2002
Window fully trimmed-out and with first coat of oil-based paint. Closet door jamb installed and starting to work on the baseboard.

15 October 2002
Closet trim and all the baseboard installed. First coat of paint on the walls and first coat of oil-based paint on all the woodwork.

10 November 2002
Final coats of paint on ceiling/walls/trim. Electrical/phone/cable outlets installed. Now I just need to get the carpet installed. The end is FINALLY in sight!

09 December 2002
Carpet installed and I have moved into the room—FINALLY! All that is left to do is install the ceiling fan and order and install the closet doors.

Here is an illustration of how the closet doors will function. I sent this to TruStile to see if anyone had used their doors in this configuration and if they saw any problems with this. The president of the company called me himself and we discussed it—he also invited me to come out and tour the factory.