- Kitchen
- Dining Room
- Porch / Foundation
- Living Room
Guest Room
- Master Bedroom
- Deck and Patio

Things I have
found helpful:

Guest / TV Room

This is the second room I tackled in the house. I cut out the wall below a triple casement window and installed a french door to give direct access to the deck and back yard.

Latest Project Progress

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25 June 2011 — Remodeling the remodel...
Amazing to think that I have just spent time reworking a room that I remodeled back in early 2003. I really do like the dark green I originally painted the room, but I found that it also made the room feel small. The new warm yellow/gold color has really made a difference—add a new sleeper sofa and it really is a guest room.

Chronological Progress

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25 December 2002
Fresh snow outside and fresh paint inside. I cut in along the ceiling and didn't like the paint color, so I lightened it. Now I think I'll switch back.

29 December 2002
I have changed the wall color twice—now back to the original color, Craftsman Moss. French door trim installed and starting to run the baseboard.

02 January 2003
I have changed the wall color—yet again! This is Arbor Green. Now to sand the baseboard and put primer on all of the woodwook and doors.

20 February 2003
All woodwork primed and with final coat of oil-based paint. Time for a second coat on the walls and then carpet!

03 March 2003
Carpet installed. Now just some paint touch-up, installing the wallplates, and minor cleaning. Hmmm—how to arrange the furniture.

08 March 2003
Well, everything has finally come together. Which room should I tackle next—Living Room or Bathroom? The kitchen will have to wait.

Here is an illustration of how the closet doors will function. I sent this to TruStile to see if anyone had used their doors in this configuration and if they saw any problems with this. The president of the company called me himself and we discussed it—he also invited me to come out and tour the factory.