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Deck and Patio

To help with the usable floor space and also improve the flow in the house, I wanted to replace the window in the back bedroom with french doors and build a deck to make a better transition to the backyard. This project also included a patio. Unfortunately, I don't have all of the dates for the different pics below.

Latest Project Progress

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18 September 2011 — Larger Patio
The original patio just wasn't large enough to be practical. So in the Summer of 2010 I decided to enlarge it to make it more functional and usable. It took some time to dig out the area, re-route the sprinklers and match the existing pavers, but it was so worth it. Now there is room for several tables and summer evening parties with friends!

Chronological Progress

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26 September 1995
- Photo of the back of the house just before I moved in. First, I trimmed the Cherry tree, removed the fence and a Quaking Aspen, then had the back wall of the Guest room cut to enlarge a window opening for a new french door.

XX XXX 1996
New French door and lights installed in the back wall of the Guest room and the deck in progress. Why finish the deck when I can jump and start on the patio?!

XX XXX 1997
Area for the patio—overgrown with plants and weeds. Starting to dig-out and clear the area.

XX XXX 1997
View from the deck—digging out the area for the patio and trying to work out the curve of the pavers.

XX XXX 1997
Road-base spread and compacted—spreading sand on the garden cloth.

XX XXX 1997
Screeding the sand and starting to lay the pavers.

xx XXX 1997
View from beside the deck—finishing the patio to the back door.

XX XXX 1997
Pavers laid up to the back door—the end is in sight!

XX XXX 1997
Pavers and fountain in place—now I just have to build and then install the trellis.

XX XXX 1997
Trellis and honeysuckle in place—almost done and ready for some lazy afternoons on the patio.

XX XXX 1997
Everything in its place—just in time for some nice Fall weather.

XX XXX 1997
A wider view—now I just need to get the deck finished... yeah right!